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    Join Us

    We strongly believe that "Talented person is the company's most valuable wealth", "Knowledge is the talented person's brightness headspring" and "Employee is the profit direct creator". Development & grandness of SECCO are close correlative to hard work devoted from all employees. SECCO provides all employees working platforms and career development opportunities to encourage them to work for SECCO at long-term basis.
    SECCO pays much attention to employees' occupational training and diathesis improvement. It provides and creates study & training opportunities and makes effort to establish study form organization.

    Training Courses
    SECCO provides various training courses according to company and employees development requirements every year. Main courses as follows:

    Generic Training:
    Purpose for this kind training course is let employees know basic skills and have core competence. For example, Orientation for new entrants, Petrochemical Products Knowledge, Ethics Training, Fist Level Leadership, Ms office, Performance Management, Communication Skill, Valuing Differences, Adapting to change, Teamwork, Personal Development, Enterprise Management etc.

    Professional Training:
    SECCO provides corresponding professional capability training courses according to each department actual working requirements, such as, Production Operation Basic Knowledge, Production Running and Process Flow Procedure, Sales Skills, Customers Relationship Management, Financial Analysis and Management, IT related course etc.

    Knowledge Sharing :
    In order to transfer internal human resources and let employees get more chance to study and involve, we will randomly organize "Knowledge Sharing" study activity, such as, SECCO History and Objective, SECCO Projects Introduction, SECCO Business Policy, SECCO Business Procedure, Social Influence Appraisal, SECCO each department introduction and other topics useful to employees and company development.

    Training Methods
    According to training requirements, we will organize different training methods, mainly include:

    Internal Training:
    Training made by SECCO internal facilitators through lessons, video, cases study.

    External Training:
    Select and send employees to attend external training courses or public courses as required or invite external experts to communicate and instruct.
    Online Training:
    Some projects which are designed for most employees to attend are in the form of online learning, such as the English training etc.
    SECCO encourages employees’ self-development and encourages employees to attend various training and study in their spare time to improve their technology business level to meet the requirements raised by enterprise and society continuity development.
    SECCO offers each employee the opportunity of showing his own ability & talent, allowing the excellent employees to expose. In SECCO, promotion and development are based on good professional ethics and excellent performance.
    SECCO will help employees to design occupational career. Company will fully consider employees specialty and try best to meet employees' personal interests and fondness, encourage those with strong specialty to develop in the depth of special areas to become experts in that special area and encourage those with potential management skills and complex capabilities to develop in enterprises management direction and become professional management staff. SECCO will ensure these two different developments balanced on welfare treatment and contribution in the policy.
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